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BoGao group is a leading producer of polyurethane curing agent, alkyd resin and acrylic resin products. Founded in 2000, BoGao has developed into a reliable source of high-quality chemical products used in various applications such as wood coatings, high-end printing inks and adhesives. The company operates globally and has established a strong reputation for excellence and innovation.

The foundation of BoGao’s success is rooted in diligent research and development with a dedicated team of professionals. Through a consistent focus on quality and innovation, the BoGao group has been able to provide customers with products that meet their specific needs and requirements. The company’s mission is to deliver high-quality chemical products that provide solutions to customers for their specific needs. This allows the company to maintain long-term business relationships with clients, which has helped to fuel growth and prosperity.

One of the key product categories that BoGao specializes in is polyurethane curing agents. These are essential in the manufacturing of polyurethane coatings for a range of applications, including automotive, aerospace, industrial and decorative coatings. BoGao’s polyurethane curing agents are formulated with high-performance ingredients that enhance the products’ properties such as durability, weatherability, and resistance to chemicals and abrasion. These products are not only high-quality but also versatile and cost-effective for our customers, providing unmatched value and efficacy.

Along with polyurethane curing agents, BoGao also produces alkyd resins which are used extensively in the production of wood coatings, architectural and industrial paints, and marine coatings. The company’s alkyd resins are known for their durable, scratch-resistant and weather-resistant properties. BoGao’s alkyd resins are used in industries that require high-performance coatings, such as the construction industry, and the company has a steadfast reputation in this area.

Another significant product in BoGao’s portfolio is acrylic resin. It is a core component for the production of high-end printing inks and adhesives. Acrylic resins are perfect for the manufacturing of glossy, vibrant and long-lasting printing inks for a wide range of substrates, including paper, plastic, metal, glass, and textiles. We supply a complete range of acrylic resins that fit specific ingredients and substrates for printing inks, assuring customers that they have the most suitable product for their printing operations. BoGao’s range of acrylic resins has been well received by clients, earning the company accolades for its exceptional quality, durability and exceptional chemistry.

The consistent focus on research and development at BoGao has allowed the company to manufacture chemicals products at the cutting edge of technology. The company has developed a range of auxiliary products that improve the properties of its chemicals, making them more efficient and versatile. For example, the use of leveling agents is a standard practice in high-performance applications such as wood coatings, automotive OEM coatings, and electronic-grade coatings. These products assist in reducing surface tension and minimize the appearance of flow lines and orange peel defects. BoGao’s auxiliary products are specially developed to pair with their primary products, leading to a tailored solution that assures that the coated article’s performance is as optimized as possible.

The company has consistently invested in development and innovation, and has established a robust research and development capacity by setting up research institutes and laboratories. The experts at BoGao are equipped with the latest scientific equipment, which employs modern technology for the discovery and development of cutting-edge solutions. The company places a significant emphasis on the need to reduce the environmental footprint of their processes and products. BoGao is committed to developing environmentally-friendly products that meet the highest standards and expectations of customers. The commitment of the company towards sustainable and eco-friendly chemical production is an example of their philosophy to be an industry leader.

In summary, BoGao is an accomplished company, specialized in the chemical industry. It has a strong research and development wing, with a team of expert professionals who work diligently to improve the quality and viability of their products. BoGao has quickly established itself as a premier provider of chemical products by putting customer satisfaction and quality as its guiding principles. The range of high-quality products offered by BoGao are ideal for any industry, whether it's polyurethane coatings for automotive applications or high-end printing inks. The dedication of the BoGao group towards innovation and sustainability in the chemical industry is a testament to their commitment to excellence.
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